OnePlus will merge with Oppo: here's how it will affect the world of smartphones

No one can deny that OnePlus achieved a lot of impressive success in the years since the launch of the OnePlus One in 2014, but now the company may go through its biggest change since its founding, as it is expected to merge with Oppo.

Well, the word 'merge' wasn't actually used in the forum post where OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced the change, but it definitely sounds like merging, with Lau saying they "have decided to further integrate the OnePlus Foundation with OPPO. “

Based on that statement, it appears that this will include things like integrating employees and sharing resources together, as is expected in any merger. However, the OnePlus brand will remain separate from OppoSo, you can expect the two companies to continue releasing phones separately.

So what does this move actually mean? Certainly no major changes may occur. OnePlus and Oppo are already subsidiaries of BBK Electronics, so they've always been linked, and last year Lau began overseeing production strategy for both OnePlus and Oppo, a move that saw some of the two companies' employees merge.

So this may not be a huge shift, but it certainly means some changes are coming, and most of them are likely to be positive. Lau points out for example that this allows the two brands to streamline their operations and take advantage of additional shared resources.

These additional resources should lead to better products, according to Lau, but while this is not mentioned publicly, there is a possibility that this action could trigger a larger selection of OnePlus phones, and possibly lower prices, as this could save the company money in terms of Research and development and production costs.

Obviously, this move will also improve OnePlus' efficiency in sending updates faster to as many devices as possible.

Although it wasn't announced in this post, it's possible that the software section will undergo some changes as well, with OnePlus possibly switching from the OxygenOS user interface to ColorOS. What supports this to happen is that the series of OnePlus 9 In China the ColorOS user interface is already used.

Alternatively, maybe the two interfaces will become more similar, or maybe nothing will change in the end, at least in global markets.

We do not rule out the launch of similar phones

With Oppo already making a wide range of other electronic products, such as smartwatches, fitness trackers and wireless earbuds, the upcoming collaboration may mean that OnePlus will expand its presence beyond smartphones only.

We can also see OnePlus phones with super fast charging capabilities, since Oppo is one of the leaders in this matter, and this cooperation may also lead to one day seeing a foldable OnePlus phone, given that the creative team at Oppo is working on it It's been a long time.

Finally, this move may cause the phones launched from OnePlus and Oppo to become more similar than they already are. This would be a less positive change, not because Oppo phones are bad, but because we love versatility. But that seems to happen in a big way, despite OnePlus' claims that it will continue to operate independently.

We don't necessarily expect this move to affect the OnePlus 9T much, as this phone may already be in development for quite some time, but it will be interesting to see the implications of that collaboration on the OnePlus 10 and Oppo Find X4 series.

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