Apple to unionize for its ninth generation smartwatch
Apple officially announces the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus with a USB-C port after a long wait
iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max officially arrive with a titanium design

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iPhone 15 release date, specifications and full details of the upcoming Apple phone

iPhone 15

ما زال أمامنا وقت طويل حتى سبتمبر 2023، ومع ذلك هناك عدد لا بأس به من الشائعات والتسريبات الخاصة بـ iPhone 15 الذي ينتظره الكثير من المستخدمين بفارغ الصبر منذ الآن بالفعل. ويريد العديد من متابعي ...

Samsung unveils Galaxy Z Fold 5 with minor changes and an exorbitant price!

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

تستمر فئة الهواتف القابلة للطي في الازدحام، حيث تأتي غالبية الطرازات الجديدة من العلامات التجارية الصينية. أصدرت Google مؤخرًا أول هاتف قابل للطي. لكن Samsung - وهي الشركة الوحيدة الجادة في تصنيع ...

10 common iPhone problems and their solutions in 2023 

iPhone problems and how to solve them

In today's digital world, iPhone has become an essential part of our lives. However, like any other electronic device, the iPhone is prone to various problems and malfunctions that can cause inconvenience to its users. In this article,...

The reason for the revelation of Surat Al-Falaq

The reason for the revelation of Surat Al-Falaq

There were many sayings of the people of interpretation about the reason for the revelation of Surat Al-Falaq, so some of them went that the reason was the magic of the Prophet - upon him be peace and blessings - from Labid bin Al-Aasam, the Jew, when he was serving the Prophet - upon him be blessings and peace -, so the Jews came to him ...

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