iOS 15 features, launch date, and everything you need to know

Today, the new iOS 15 operating system was officially revealed at the WWDC conference that was held today with impressive features and other features.

It should be noted that this version is not the one that will reach phones as the final version is expected to be released alongside the series iPhone 13. So let's take a look at all about the new operating system and what you need to know about it.

While iOS 14 was previously revealed with widgets and improvements to iMessage and shortcuts, it's not without issues, despite how much it's improved in the operating system for both the iPhone andiPad.

Several updates have been released since then, gradually correcting flaws and introducing new features for the first time. In fact, the iOS 14.6 update is now available for users, adding a slew of powerful perks, including some new podcast features and some other upgrades.

iOS 15 Release Date

New versions of iOS usually arrive in mid-September. All in all, they are accompanied by the launch of a new iPhone, so we can see iOS 15 officially along with the iPhone 13 in September.

Since WWDC took place today, there is usually a developer beta released soon after so expect many more details about this new system to emerge soon.

The public beta will likely arrive later in the month as before so if you don't mind occasional bugs and crashes, you might be able to try out iOS 15 for yourself by late June.

Supported devices

Here is a complete list of all the devices that are compatible with the new iOS 15 update and that can install the update starting from the time of the first beta release over the next few days:

New FaceTime Tricks

Apple brought new features to FaceTime in iOS 15, focusing more on making that service more convenient and realistic.

Starting with Spatial Audio, which means that 3D audio gives the impression that message recipients will feel like they are in the same room as you. Sound isolation now focuses only on your voice, while blocking out any other ambient noise.

[webp-to-jpg output image]

There's also Grid View, which shows a conference call, along with the app's Portrait Mode. The background is blurred now, and it focuses on you.

There are also FaceTime Links, which can create a link to help plan a call, similar to how Google Meet link works.

SharePlay is also a new feature in iOS 15, where you can share music, watch TV shows and movies, along with sharing your screen, so you can show the recipient how you're using a specific app.


Group chats now acquire collages, as a way to easily display multiple photos.

Sharing with you in the News app shows what your friends have shared with you, such as links, and can be easily copied as well. This feature is also available in Safari, Music, and more apps.

There are also cases that look very similar to WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Notifications in iOS 15

After many improvements over the years, notifications are now redesigned for iOS 15. We have a new feature called Notification Summary here now that can be scheduled to appear at certain times, or even by Apple's own machine learning algorithms.

iOS 15
iOS 15

It looks like this will replace the Notification Center, with better management of all the notifications on your iPhone.

The Do Not Disturb feature here also got a bit of an improvement as well, as it learns to show it to your friends and family if you use it on them.

There is also another notification summary trick, which recommends you on your lock screen to let you know about certain apps, depending on your calendar and even your location.

Live Text

[webp-to-jpg output image]

A feature where you can take a picture of the text, and you will then select it, then copy it into a document, or even translate it. This is a direct competitor to Google Lens and seems very convenient for almost all users.

What about the other benefits?

The weather app has now been redesigned, with now more detailed and accurate temperatures, along with high-resolution weather maps to see the weather around you.

The Maps app is seeing some useful improvements as well, with new details for commercial areas and buildings. There are also new details added such as elevations and an updated color scheme, with features particularly highlighted.

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