iPhone 13 will support Portrait video mode and many other features

New reports revealed that the upcoming series phones of iPhone 13 will come with notable improvements and new features in terms of video recording, and the software for the cameras is expected to receive its fair share of the awaited upgrades.

According to Bloombergwhich is a very trusted source of Apple's leaks, the iPhone 13 series will come with Portrait mode for video shooting as well as a new high-quality format called ProRes.

Along with other features that have been rumored for some time for the upcoming phones, including the A15 processor and screens that support a high refresh rate of 120Hz, this new report indicates that Apple will do its best to make the video shooting experience in the upcoming phones more distinct.

Apple has paid special attention to improving the photography experience on its smartphones over the past five years - and possibly longer - but video recording has never been the camera's highlight.

iPhone 12 already came with impressive rear cameras, which is what we also expect in its successor, iPhone 13, but with some additional improvements that will further enrich the experience of use.

iPhone 13 will support impressive video shooting

The upgrades in terms of the video experience definitely seem to make sense given that the corona-virus pandemic caused the lockdown and we couldn't go out so sitting at home making video calls and recording videos and sending them to our loved ones is what we've been doing all along.

All the new rumors indicate that Portrait mode, which means that the video will have a blur effect behind the object you focus on while shooting the video, will be available on FaceTime on all upcoming phones.

The Corona-virus may not be the main reason for those upgrades, but these upcoming features will be useful for those who have relied on video calls as their primary means of communication for the past period.

Likely, the new ProRes video feature that will arrive with the upcoming phones will be designed for those who have a decent experience in the field of video shooting, which means that it will offer a noticeable upgrade like the ProRaw technology that was first revealed in the iPhone 12 series last year. It is expected to be available only on iPhone 13 Pro and the Pro Max version.

This feature means that the user will be able to record the video in a higher quality, and this will allow more editing options after the video has been captured. This is unlikely to be a feature that most users use every day, but it is an additional option for those who want more tools and options when shooting video.

It is also expected that there will be new photo filters in the upcoming series phones, which will put the user in front of many options for editing the image and making beautiful adjustments to it. That was all we had at the moment about all the upcoming Apple phones.

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