Samsung unveils Galaxy Z Fold 3 with many impressive features

The controversy has finally ended and Samsung revealed the new generation of foldable phones, which is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 after many months of leaks and rumors. The phone comes with strong specifications befitting a flagship phone along with some of the features that we see for the first time in any foldable phone at all, which makes it worth its price at all.

New Features

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 comes with IPX8 water resistance, so it can be submerged in up to 30 meters of water for 30 minutes without any damage, the same level of protection found in the flagship Galaxy S and Note series phones.

Unfortunately, the phone is not dustproof. However, the vacuuming technology that was present in the Z Fold 2 is also present in this phone which expels the dust stuck between the hinge. The design is also stronger thanks to what Samsung calls Armor Aluminum, the strongest aluminum frame to date.

Then there is a camera under the screen. Due to the nature of the foldable screen, the cameras on the internal screens of the Galaxy Z Fold devices are placed in an awkward place that clearly affects the user experience, so Samsung made those cameras invisible, which is a major achievement.

The third big feature of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which will make users believe that this phone is a replacement for the Note series, is the S Pen support.

The Z Fold 3 supports the use of the stylus on its home screen and comes with a specially designed S Pen so this stylus will not work with other Galaxy devices, other S pens do not work with the Fold 3.

There is no gesture support on the S Pen of the Z Fold 3, but you can get that feature if you buy the newly announced S Pen Pro. It is worth noting that the cover display does not support the S Pen.

Samsung has made a lot of improvements in terms of user experience. With the S Pen, for example, you can take notes in the lower half of the screen while watching videos in the upper half.

Multi Active Window The feature that allows you to run two applications side by side at the same time, now works with many other applications. New 'Drag & Split' feature allows seamless transition between split screen/multiple active window, easier navigation within apps for accessing important functions by placing them on the side of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Specs

Samsung has also made several improvements to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 display. The 7.6-inch main screen now comes with 80% stronger protection, and is 29% brighter than the display of Z Fold 2.

The 6.2-inch cover screen is also 29% brighter than before, but more importantly it features a 120Hz refresh rate. Flex Mode is also here, so you can keep the screen open at an angle. As expected, Gorilla Glass Victus protects both the front and back of the phone.

Gorilla Glass DX, which is what Samsung uses in its smartwatches, also covers the rear cameras for stronger protection against scratches and shattering. Unfortunately, the rear camera sensors themselves did not get any upgrade compared to the previous version.

We have a 12MP main camera and an ultra-wide one with the same resolution and finally we have a 12MP telephoto sensor that supports x2 optical zoom, on the cover screen, we have a 10MP front camera that is used to take selfies and video calls and this is also the same sensor as the previous generation phone.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also missing out on the latest and most powerful processors right now. It is powered by Snapdragon 888, like the series of Galaxy S21, instead of the Snapdragon 888 Plus that we saw yesterday for the first time in Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

The standard version comes with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage, while the higher version has the same RAM capacity but with 512 GB UFS 3.1 storage capacity, which cannot be expanded by installing an external memory card.

We have a 4400 mAh battery that still supports the same 25W slow fast charging capacity, the rest of the specifications are a fingerprint sensor installed on the power button, stereo speakers, and 5G support.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Price

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will arrive in all global markets starting from August 27, at a price of $ 1800 for the basic version 12 + 256 GB and $ 1900 for the version 12 + 512 GB, but the pre-order stage starts today from the company’s website.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The phone comes in three distinct colors which are green, silver, and black. The S Pen is sold separately at $50 while the S Pen Pro comes in at $100.

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