Honor officially unveils Magic 3 series with flagship specs and Google services support

While Huawei has continued to produce premium smartphones since the ban imposed by the US government on the company two years ago, the lack of support for Google applications has reduced the shares of those phones and unfortunately did not attract many buyers. However, Honor - which everyone knows as a sub-brand of Huawei, which is now under the management of different owners - has filled that void by launching the Honor Magic 3 series.

Today, the company revealed a new series of phones, which are Honor Magic 3 that are the first big phones to be revealed since Honor 20, which was unveiled at the beginning of 2019, it seems that the company that has not entered the leading category struggle for a long time is in an appropriate position now, especially after the disclosure of these new phones, with the highest specifications in aspects many of them.

In fact, if I didn't see the Honor logo on these new phones, I would have thought they were Huawei phones. It has the same design language with an ultra-curved screen and a large circular rear camera that comes with the highest specifications. This makes sense, since a lot of Honor's development team has previously worked on Huawei's flagship phones.

The main difference here is that since Honor is no longer under Huawei, it has no problem with the US and therefore has access to Google apps including the Play Store, which raises the stock of those phones a lot.

Honor's decision to separate from Huawei is equivalent to someone's decision to separate from his girlfriend and then marry a better one. Away from metaphors, people who love Huawei phones but can't buy them because of this drawback have now an absolutely excellent alternative.

Honor Magic 3 Specs

This series contains three phones: Honor Magic 3,Magic 3 Pro and Magic 3 Pro Plus. We learned from informed sources that the company intends to launch these phones in the global markets, although we do not have details about the countries that have the possibility to purchase phones whose price exceeds 1000 dollars.

All three devices share the same screen - it's a 6.76-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 2772 x 1344 pixels, a 120Hz refresh rate and support for HDR10+, it has sharply curved edges which we've seen previously on the phones of Mate.

We have four colors - there's white and black as well as blue and gold. If you are a bit careless and always expose your phone to water, you should know that the Honor Magic 3 Pro and Pro Plus have IP68 protection, and unfortunately the standard model only gets IP54.

Magic 3 Pro Plus has an additional protection which is Nano Crystal Shield, which means 3x resistance against drops - presumably meaning you can drop the phone three times without any damage.

Honor Magic 3 comes with a Snapdragon 888 processor, while both the Pro and Pro Plus come with the 888 Plus, which is the best processor for Android phones so far. There is also a feature that allows the phone to take advantage of the internal storage space for the RAM capacity temporarily, and Honor says that the user can add 2 GB to the RAM if he uses that feature.

All three phones support 66W fast charging, as well as support for 50W wireless charging, so they will charge in less than an hour no matter how you charge them.

The Magic 3 has three rear cameras: there is a 50MP main camera, 64MP monochrome, and a 13MP ultra-wide lens, as well as laser autofocus.

The Pro model retains these specs but comes with an additional 64MP Telephoto sensor, which supports 3.5x optical, 10x hybrid, or 100x digital zoom.

The Pro Plus is the same as the Pro but comes with a better 64MP ultra-wide lens.

All phones also have two front cameras, consisting of an ultra-wide selfie camera paired with a 3D depth sensor to improve background blur.

Phone prices

  • Standard Edition: €900
  • Pro version: 1100€
  • Pro Plus Edition: 1500€

The prices certainly seem high but they will definitely get discounts over time, the article will be updated as soon as the company announces the full map of the global launch of those phones.

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