Leaks reveal the full specs of the Google Pixel 6 series

According to the launch schedule set by Google, the next Pixel phone is expected to be Google Pixel 5a. However, this phone will be intended for buyers in the middle class. After the launch of this phone, we expect Google to officially unveil its upcoming flagship phone lineup, which will include two phones, the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro.

A while ago, the Google Pixel 6 specifications were leaked via Front Page Tech. The report reveals the most important key specifications of the Pixel 6 series. While the specifications themselves are not too surprising, the report claims that Google has been promising continuous updates to the two phones for a full five years.

These leaks are linked to another rumor that Google is planning to use silicon processors in the Pixel 6 andPixel 6 Pro. It is worth noting that one of the obstacles to providing Android updates for more than three years is the processor manufacturers, such as Qualcomm or MediaTek. After a certain period of time, these companies abandon old products which makes sending new Android updates to old phones difficult.

If Google were to use silicon processors from their manufacture in the series of Google Pixel 6, this will no longer be a problem. In theory, the company could send updates to those phones whenever it wanted. However, Apple offers nearly five years of updates for iPhones, so Google's commitment to the five-year limit makes a lot of sense.

We expect Google to officially announce the Pixel 6 series in October. Therefore, we hope that in the coming period, more specifications of the most awaited Android phone will be revealed.

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