Landline phone bill: Know how to pay and inquire

There are many consumers who are looking for the landline phone bill for the current month of April, as usual with every landline bill that is issued every 3 months, as consumers want to know this in order to avoid being subjected to a financial fine or stopping their lines and thus depriving home Internet services, and during these The article will tell you all about: landline phone bill .

How to inquire about the landline bill for the month of April 2021 

Telecom Egypt launched a very easy and simple way through which to inquire about the landline phone bill via the Internet, as this is done by following the following steps:

  • The Telecom Egypt customer must first access the official Telecom Egypt website. 
  • The consumer then chooses the service to inquire about the land phone bill, or enter directly by clicking on the following electronic link
  • After that, the required data is entered in terms of the area code and the landline phone number. 
  • Then, click on the “Show Bills” icon 
  • After entering the area code and the required data, it will show you all the details of the unpaid landline bills. 

What are the ways to pay the value of the landline phone bill?

The methods of paying the value of the landline phone bill, which are due to be paid during each quarter of each year, vary, whether this is done through direct payment in one of Telecom Egypt’s branches or electronically via the Internet instead of going to the company and thus avoiding crowds and the spread of deadly epidemics. Knowing the value of the landline phone bills that have not been paid, the consumer can pay by following one of the following methods:

electronic paymentAfter completing the steps to inquire about the value of the landline phone bill online, the consumer can pay the bill by following the following steps:

  1. Click on the “Choose to Pay” icon. 
  2. The email is then added. 
  3. By clicking on the “Pay” icon, the due land phone bill will be paid. 

direct payment: Telecom Egypt's customer can also pay the value of the landline phone bill by going directly to one of Telecom Egypt's branches and We We centers throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt. 

Immediate serviceFawry services available in the shops can also be used to pay the landline bill. 

Vodafone cash service

Post offices

Automated teller machines The “ATM” of the National Bank of Egypt and the Commercial International Bank “CIB”.

service possible


Masary service

safety service خدمة

service Bee

service my services.

Most of these services are available via mobile, and you can Download apps These services are on your phone and use them faster than websites.

What are the landline phone packages provided by Telecom Egypt “We”?

Telecom Egypt or We provides customers and consumers with 3 different landline phone packages, where all company customers can choose the appropriate package for them and subscribe to it by calling the company’s short number 111 or by going to one of Telecom Egypt’s branches, where the landline packages are Provided by Telecom Egypt to consumers as follows:

Package We Land 20 باقةThis package comes at a price of 20 pounds per month or 60 pounds every 3 months, and this package offers 120 minutes to call all landline numbers with the availability of the number display service for free
Package We Land 35This package comes at a price of 35 pounds, as it provides 2500 minutes to all landline numbers or Wei mobile numbers
Package We Land 65This package comes at a price of 60 pounds, as it provides 2500 minutes to all landline numbers or Wei mobile numbers. It also provides 1000 minutes to the governorates, in addition to 250 minutes to other mobile networks. 

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