ZTE Axon 30 Ultra يصل رسميًا كمنافس مباشر لأبرز الهواتف الرائدة في 2021

ZTE just announced its new flagship phone for 2021 which is ZTE Axon 30 Ultra. Just by looking at the device, we can think that it is just a good Chinese phone, but once we delve into the specs and features, the phone starts to become more and more interesting little by little.

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra specifications

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra comes with a massive 6.67-inch AMOLED display that has a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and has a variable refresh rate that can reach 144Hz. On top of that, the screen supports a touch sensitivity rate of up to 300Hz.

I don't like comparisons. iPhone 12 Pro It has a touch sensitivity rate of 120Hz, while Galaxy S21 Ultra It has 240 Hz. So, if you find these phones respond quickly to your touch, the Axon 30 Ultra will feel like it's reading your thoughts.


It's a curved screen with no bezels, ZTE numbers show a screen-to-body ratio of 95%. At this point, we hope there will be a good deal of software improvements to deal with unintended touches on that screen, because it looks like it would be difficult to handle the phone without accidentally tapping the edges of the screen.

The Axon 30 Ultra features a metal frame and a glass back, which have undergone various design developments in pursuit of the feeling that ZTE calls true silk. The back of the phone should look shiny from afar, with a very nice and smooth feel.

The phone was launched in black and white, but the company also reported that there are two other colors, gold and green.

The camera is where the phone should stand out most strongly via the quad rear camera. Well, we have one main camera of 64MP which supports OIS which is an ultra wide lens which should let in a lot of light when taking any picture. The phone will always prefer to use this camera in low light conditions, although you can use the Night Mode software on any of the cameras.

Then there is another 64MP camera that ZTE calls the “portrait camera.” It is neither an ultra-wide lens nor a telephoto camera. It just feels like a secondary 'main' camera, so we're kind of curious about how the Axon 30 Ultra uses that lens differently than the really competent main camera.

The third camera is a 64-megapixel ultra-wide lens. The fourth camera is an 8-megapixel periscope telephoto lens that supports 5x optical zoom with OIS. With digital enhancements, the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra will be able to zoom up to 120x. We have a single front camera as well with 16 megapixels.

Coming from being a flagship phone in 2021, the Axon 30 Ultra comes with the latest internal specs as well as it runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor coupled with 8GB or 12GB LPDDR5 RAM. In terms of internal storage, we have 256GB UFS3.1 SuperSpeed. If you want to upgrade, there is a super version with 16 GB RAM + 1 TB internal storage.


The phone works on a 4600 mAh battery that supports 66W fast charging, which means that it will be able to recharge in less than an hour, which makes it compete with OnePlus 9 Pro If fast shipping is something you care about.

The phone runs on Android 11 operating system with ZTE's custom user interface called MyOS11.

Phone price

The Axon 30 Ultra will be available in China at $720 for the 8GB/256GB variant, $766 for the 12GB/256GB version, and $1021 for the 12GB/1TB version.

This is a great phone for sure, but we don't know if the company will launch it outside China or not, although there is news that the global version of this phone will be launched next month, but we certainly hope to get our hands on this monster in order to try it and make a full impression on it.

ZTE also announced another phone today which is ZTE Axon 30 Pro. To find out all the differences between the two phones in terms of specifications and price, you can read these Comparison.

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