What do you know about “Sam” your new assistant in your Samsung phone?

After it was everyone's talk earlier in the last week, it looks like the virtual assistant from Samsung namely, Sam will not replace Bixby or come to any Galaxy phones. As soon as the images of this beautiful assistant appeared, those interested in the world of smartphones immediately reacted and expressed their great admiration for the look and design. At the time, it remained unclear whether the virtual assistant was actually designed by Samsung and whether it was officially approved or not.

Who is Samantha Samsung, the currently popular online character? - Polygon

Samsung's default assistant at the moment is Bixby and can be used to get answers to questions and to perform various commands in general. This is in addition to managing and controlling many smart home products compatible with the virtual assistant and Samsung Galaxy phones. However, compared to the likes of Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Apple's Siri, Bixby unfortunately hasn't managed to make a huge following among users. This cast some reasonable doubt as to whether Samsung might be looking to replace Bixby in the future and introduce another virtual assistant.

While that may be what most fans of the Korean company have been expecting, it doesn't look like Belle Samantha is Samsung's new replacement for Bixby. Although the virtual assistant has made headlines over the past few days, there are references to Sam in some of the Samsung website branches in some countries, including Samsung Belgium. These websites provided a clearer picture of Sam and gave users a glimpse into Samsung's new help. Although Sam is ultimately a virtual assistant, after all, she is nothing more than a Samsung chatbot.

Sam and Bixby are different assistants

Samsung has not made clear its purpose in designing this virtual assistant. It is worth noting that this new virtual assistant is not a replacement for Bixby. Samsung notes that unlike Bixby, which is installed on the company's smart products, including Galaxy phones, Sam is the "chat bot" of Samsung's customer service team.

This information may help educate the public about the images that have spread of Sam on the Internet. It may just be that Samsung has partnered with different companies to come up with different chatbot designs to suit individual markets, with Sam recently is introduced in such a design.

We likely won't see any official videos or photos of Sam. In fact, Sam's original post that has since been deleted specifically referenced earlier 2D versions and how Sam's latest design was a new 3D design breakthrough.

In other words, Sam is nothing new and the recent images are just a 3D design of the current Sam chatbot. Regardless of whether or not Sam's popular design will be adopted by Samsung in the future, it doesn't look like Samantha will replace Bixby, or end up as a virtual assistant on Samsung Galaxy phones as well.

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