Samsung will downsize the Galaxy S22 series and provide the S22 Ultra with the best possible features

According to a reliable internal source from Samsung, the screens of the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will be reduced compared to the screen sizes of the series phones of Galaxy S21, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will just be a bigger phablet than its predecessor.

Samsung appears to be on its way to revolutionizing the design of its upcoming flagships, with the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus screen sizes possibly compressing from 6.2 inches (157 mm) to 6.05 inches (154 mm) and 6.7 inches (170 mm) to 6.55 inches (166). mm) respectively.

The same source also reported that the S22 Ultra will come with another feature which is the LTPO display which means to support variable refresh rates without draining too much battery life. this year, S21 Ultra was the only one with an LTPO display and a 120Hz refresh rate, so this trend may continue with the upcoming release.

For comparison, the latest leaks of the series of iPhone 13 indicates that least two devices in the series will come with LTPO displays that support a variable refresh rate of 120Hz. We'll see how that affects pricing, performance, and battery life when we compare the two best-selling smartphone companies right now.

Samsung wants to differentiate S22 Ultra from the rest of the series

Another potential insider who claims that Samsung is considering only one phone in the series is the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a glass back. This means that along with the screen size that will be compressed, the Galaxy S22 Plus will be deprived of the elegant back glass of S21 Plus Instead, it comes with a polycarbonate back, which is a mixture of plastic and glass.

Many people prefer phones with plastic back because those phones have better resilience to drops and bumps as compared to glass phones. And while the designs of the S21 and S21 Plus have been admired by everyone, this may be an incentive for Samsung to launch more powerful and compact phones next year.

However, these rumors added together seem to indicate that Samsung wants to make the S22 Ultra the best phone in the series with a clear difference from the other two phones. Some rumors have also been circulating that the S22 Ultra could be launched with a 200MP primary rear camera and thus it will be the first phone ever to come with this sensor.

For now, we'll take all those rumors a little seriously, not only because they're unconfirmed, but also because Samsung engineers can easily change their minds early in the production process. Some recent leaks have also indicated that the Galaxy S22 will not have an under-display camera, nor a 3D TOF sensor.


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