February 5 set for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series

When the cat is away, all the mice will rest and play freely, or hold a chain reveal event الكشف Samsung Galaxy S21 at least. Not that we equate the world's largest phone maker with a mouse, but that euphemism makes some sense considering Huawei when its problems with the US government and sanctions began to surface.

However, it is clear that Samsung plans to take advantage of Huawei's problems as much as possible, according to Korean media reports today, the company is preparing for an early launch date for the Galaxy S21 series and Buds 2.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series release date

  • February 5, 2021

How early exactly? Well, our sources claim that the Galaxy S21 series phones are likely to enter the official sales phase a month earlier than the previous series, which will put the Galaxy S21 launch date and S21 Plus and S21 Ultra in early February, which is in line with news that an Unpacked event will be held in late January.

The Galaxy S20 series was announced in February and went on sale in March, but in 2021 the Galaxy S21 will comply with the January-February timeframe, apparently. Given that the S20 series was officially launched on the market on Friday, March 6, the S21 could be released on Friday, February 5, 2021.

This prediction aligns with what we heard yesterday from another Korean industry source, that Galaxy S21 suppliers will start shipping components to Samsung earlier than usual. Mid-December has been set for the start of that phase, rather than mid-January as the S20 schedule was.

Why might the Galaxy S21 series be launched so early? Well, there is a new head of Samsung Mobile, and he has already scattered his pre-made launch plans by holding an event dedicated to the unveiling of the S20 FE, Z Fold 2 It was also launched last September.

Insiders said the new management appears to be speeding up the development, production and launch of the S21 series as well to take advantage of Huawei's absence. The Chinese company will have trouble buying the latest and best processors now due to US sanctions, and even the fruits of its own research, so Samsung can pounce and try to carve out as much market share from Huawei.

Moreover, the chain sales iPhone 12 of Apple will reach its peak in the fourth quarter of this year, and maybe even the first quarter of next year, given that iPhone 12 Pro Max Coming out on November 13, as is the other interesting iPhone this year, the 12 Mini. Thus, if the Galaxy S21 is released in the early first quarter, Samsung will benefit from the absence of Huawei in that time period, and it will be the only competitor to the sales of the iPhone 12 series to some extent.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series colors

  • Galaxy S21: white, grey, pink, violet, silver
  • Galaxy Buds 2: Black, Silver, Purple

It is clear that Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Buds 2 along with the Galaxy S21 series as well, and these headphones will be a massive upgrade and will come with many impressive features such as water resistance. The Galaxy Buds 2 are said to be codenamed Attic, and will come in Black, Silver and Violet colours.

Samsung used the name Plus or Live because it couldn't improve the water resistance of both headphones, and the Galaxy Buds Plus and Buds Live were promoted as having noise canceling feature, Samsung gives Buds as a gift to buyers away from buying the S series, at least in the pre-order stage So we hope you will do the same when the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and . are launched S21 Ultra In early February.

Mohamed Hamed

Mohamed Hamed

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