Samsung achieves unsatisfactory sales in 2020

2020 proved to be a huge challenge for Samsung as the ongoing pandemic prevented the phone maker from selling more than 300 million devices; The company is about to end the year with only about 270 million devices sold.

Some of you might say what a failure of the largest Android phone company, but on the contrary, most of Samsung's competitors may wish to reach these numbers, but in the case of the Korean company, not selling 300 million shipments is an extraordinary precedent because Samsung has always been successful in achieving This achievement every year since 2011.

Things could possibly be attributed entirely to the Corona crisis that has disrupted all aspects of life and has clearly prevented potential Samsung customers from purchasing a new smartphone.

However, the markets began to show signs of recovery, as some reports predicted that Samsung will succeed next year in selling 307 million phones, according to ETNews. Among these sales, the number of flagship phones will be about 50 million, in addition to 6 million foldable phones.

The two serieses of Galaxy A andM will constitute the largest part of sales, as expectations indicate that 237 million of them are expected to be sold in 2021. This indicates that mid-range devices are the backbone of Samsung's profits.

Samsung's next flagship range of phones will be launched, namely Galaxy S21, next January.

As mentioned, Samsung will enter 2021 fairly strongly with its next three phones: the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus and S21 Ultra with a new design language in a range of colors, these highly anticipated devices will be unveiled on January 14th.

These devices will be available worldwide on January 29. With prices ranging from $ 850 for the Standard Edition to $ 1,300 for the Ultra Edition, there will be a phone for every price segment in the upcoming Galaxy series.

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