Expectations to start selling iPhone 12 in China on September 16

Apple has already confirmed that the company will hold a launch event tomorrow, September 15th. At this event, the company is not expected to launch the next generation of models iPhone 12Instead, the Apple Watch and new versions of the iPad are expected to be released.

However, a report from China revealed that Pinduoduo A website that hinted at early access to next-generation Apple smartphones. The company has opened reservations for the iPhone 12 in China and claims that the sale will start from September 16.

Please note that we have not been able to verify this claim made by Pinduoduo, so don't worry. Also, it is highly unlikely that the new iPhone 12 models will become official later this week in China.

Apple has already confirmed that the iPhone 12 series phones that will be launched this year will be available a few weeks after the official announcement. There are many reports claiming that the new iPhones will go on sale from October.

Previous reports indicate that pre-booking will begin around mid-October and shipments for the standard edition will begin a week after that. But not all models will go on sale together. According to the report, the iPhone 12 will be available for purchase in the same October, while other models will be launched in the range, including iPhone 12 ProOn sale in November.

According to reports, the company will be launching an Apple Watch Series 6, a new iPad, a new Apple TV, a smaller HomePod, AirTags, and over-ear headphones at its launch event tomorrow and we'll be doing extensive coverage starting in the morning. To see if anything else is coming, we will have to wait for the official launch event and whether or not any information regarding the upcoming flagship series will be released.

Mohamed Hamed

Mohamed Hamed

A BA in English literature and a diploma in translation from AUC University, age 25 - I love the technical field, you will find me either reading an article or books about a new technology, I write on many technical websites.

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