PUBG Mobile 2 may launch next week, are you excited?

Numerous reports have been circulating for some time stating that Krafton is working on the launch of a second PUBG Mobile game, and there have been leaks speculating that PUBG Mobile 2 will be released by June 2020.

A later deleted Weibo post unfortunately indicates that PUBG Mobile 2 might launch as early as next week.

As mentioned earlier, the expected events of the game will take place in the future, specifically in the year 2051. Among other things, players will get a new map, many other improvements, and more. The second part of the game will be available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

PUBG Mobile 2 features

Some of the other improvements expected in PUBG Mobile 2 are the presence of drones and numerous new bunkers, which should add a whole new dimension to the mechanics of somewhat old Battle Royale games.

The game likely won't be available globally at launch. Its developer, Krafton, is very likely to announce it next week, and players will also be asked to try out the beta version that will be available first and then a full version will be released after several weeks or even months of initial trials.

Let's talk with some logic, the leaks have been somewhat scarce during the last period with regard to Baji because there are no major events to talk about except for the updates that are issued every period, so this news is both true and false.

We think it seems too early for Krafton to release such a huge game, especially when the current version is fine and still among the best games in the world up to our time.

The launch of PUBG Mobile 2 may contribute negatively as it could affect the popularity of the original game and gradually diminish its fans because players tend to try new versions of each game.

Overall, however, this is good news, and all players will definitely be excited and excited to try the new game the moment it is officially announced.

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