OPPO PDAM10 monitored on TENNA with attractive specs

Oppo has launched quite a few products since the beginning of 2020, the last of which is its flagship smartphone, which is called Find X2 Pro. Now a mysterious new product from the company has appeared on the Chinese certification website TENNA. The device only contains the model number PDAM10, which makes it difficult to determine what the phone name will be. However, the device spec sheet has been placed almost entirely on the website. From what we can expect, the OPPO PDAM10 is likely to be part of Oppo phones and specifically the A series.

“The new Oppo phone can come with features like 8 GB RAM, 6.5 inch screen and 4880 mAh battery, part of OPPO A series”


According to the spec sheet, we can expect the new OPPO PDAM10 to come with a 6.5-inch screen with a 20: 9 aspect ratio and 2400 pixels at 1080 pixels Full HD +. Regarding the chipset, there are still no confirmed news yet. There is also 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. On the battery side, the PDAM10 will have a 4880 mAh battery and it turns out that the phone weighs 188 grams.

سيحتوي الهاتف على شريحتين 4G LTE، فيما يتعلق بالبصريات، سيحتوي الجهاز على كاميرا خلفية رباعية مع مستشعر رئيسي بدقة 12 ميجا بكسل مصحوبًا بمستشعرات بدقة 8 ميجا بكسل و2 ميجا بكسل و2 ميجا بكسل. يمكن أن تحتوي الكاميرا الأمامية على مستشعر بدقة 16 ميجا بكسل. يقال إن الهاتف سيعمل على نظام Android 10، مما يعني أننا سنشاهد على الأرجح واجهة مستخدم ColorOS 7.0. تم ذكر خيار اللون الوحيد في القائمة والذي يحدث أنه أخضر داكن. تبلغ أبعاد الهاتف 162.0 × 75.5 × 8.9 ويزن 188 جرامًا.

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