Lack of processors may cause not all iPhone 14 models to get the A16 chip

Only the iPhone 14 Pro models will have the A16 processor, while the standard iPhone 14 models will keep the A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 13, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a tech blogger close to Apple.

In a tweet posted yesterday, Kuo said that only two phones will come with the A16 Bionic processor which are iPhone 14 Pro andiPhone 14 Pro Max.

While the surprise is that the Standard Edition andiPhone 14 Max will not get any upgrade in terms of internal hardware and will be launched with the same processor as the 2021 phones.

This will certainly make a big difference between the four phones and it seems that Apple will adopt this policy from now on in order to distinguish between the Pro models and the two standard phones.

It is worth noting that the current iPhone 13 series phones all feature 4 GB RAM, which has not changed since iPhone 12, Kuo suggested that the 2022 iPhones will all come with 6GB of RAM.

But what will distinguish the two Pro models is that their LPDDR 5 RAM will be one and a half times faster and will be 50% more energy efficient.

The source did not reveal the reason for Apple's decision to supply only the Pro phone with the A16 Bionic processor, but it seems that the global crisis regarding the lack of chips has cast a shadow over Apple's plans for the phones that will be released in September.

But of course, Apple's A15 Bionic chip outperformed all its competing processors, so it seems that the launch of the iPhone 14 and the Max version with that processor would not be a bad decision at all.

Mohamed Hamed

Mohamed Hamed

A BA in English literature and a diploma in translation from AUC University, age 25 - I love the technical field, you will find me either reading an article or books about a new technology, I write on many technical websites.

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