OnePlus Nord: new concept of mid-range phones

OnePlus Nord is the coming phone from the company that succeeded in winning the hearts of many in the recent period, the controversy was finally resolved and the company announced the name of the phone that will come to compete in the middle class and to create a new concept of the principle of value for price.

It all started after the launch of the series of OnePlus 8. Which is consisting of two phones as the regular version and the Pro version as well, the phones that witnessed an extension of the features that have succeeded in impressing users such as the refresh rate, the powerful flagship processor, elegant and luxurious design and comfortable phone grip that will make you feel a distinctive premium touch.

To be completely clear, OnePlus is a subsidiary of China Trademark BBK which also has: OPPO – Realme – Vivo. Certainly, it is no secret to anyone about the progress and development that these companies are making in the recent period and their success in the recent period in spreading in different markets around the world and achieving successes in them and the formation of a large user base.

OnePlus basically its main goal is to provide the leading user experience at the lowest possible price which is clearly demonstrated in the comparison between it and the prices of the other competing phones that have the same features, such as the refresh rate, for example, which was the first company that used it and we finally saw it in Galaxy S20. And certainly everyone knows the price difference between the two companies.

OnePlus Nord is simply the phone that will kill the middle class, in the sense that it will succeed in providing a mixture of full specifications, a powerful screen and processor, practical camera, excellent battery, super fast charging, stylish and durable design, and finally an affordable price that suits all users, it is not difficult, but buyers must be really convinced of what the phone has to offer This is what the company intends to do by launching that phone.

OnePlus Nord Specs

Like our custom to always keep everything exclusive in the world of smartphones, which we did last in the upcoming series: iPhone 12, there is not much information available about the upcoming phone, because the company is very discreet about disclosing any information or specifications related to the new device.

But we managed to sneak and know some details related to the economic phone, Nord will come with an excellent processor from Qualcomm which is the very powerful Snapdragon 765G in addition to a large RAM capacity of 12 GB, certainly there will be less versions containing 6 or 8 GB.

Regarding the cameras, there is strong talk that the camera will be composed of two sensors instead of one, and that the back camera will witness the presence of three lenses. There is no definite news about the screen but according to the company's recent approach we only expect to see the Fluid AMOLED screen and not the IPS LCD.

Screen-related features like refresh rate and HDR10+ support, we don't know yet whether it will be in the next phone or not, but the company will definitely include at least one of them in the next device in order to persuade users to buy it, especially since there are other phones in the middle class that have a refresh rate such as Realme 6.

The sure information is that the price of the device will be less than $ 500 and that we are two days away from the official launch of the device and it seems that the atmosphere is quite enthusiastic inside the company and that appears in the intensive advertising in the recent period and reached the filming of a documentary film about the scenes of designing the phone and creating a page for the device on Instagram.

Will the company actually succeed in changing the general concept of middle-class phones and persuade users to refrain from purchasing the leading devices that exceed a thousand dollars, or is the phone just another mid-range phone that will go unnoticed.

Follow us in special coverage for the coming days on the phone through comprehensive articles that will include full details about the specifications, price and features of OnePlus Nord.

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