OnePlus Nord 5G: price, specs and launch date

OnePlus has stormed the world of smartphones by making affordable phones with great specifications. However, over time, OnePlus devices began to rise in price. We have heard about the company's return to affordable phones with OnePlus Z / OnePlus 8 Lite . A lot of evidence began to accumulate to finally indicate that the phone would actually be called "Nord".

The name Nord was raised earlier this month by a tech blogger on Twitter. This seemed a little strange to us because "Nord" looks more like a symbol than a name for the final product. However, the new evidence seems to support the idea that Nord is the actual name.

Earlier last month, CEO of the company Pete Lau tweeted the OnePlus logo in a new azure blue with the hashtag #NewBeginnings. Then a picture with the same azure color and the phrase "a new beginning" was shared by Nils Ahrensmeier on Twitter. And to bring everything together, OnePlus inadvertently leaked and later removed the Nord logo in a photo posted to Instagram.

“Nord” is definitely a strange name and it is interesting that OnePlus does not use the most popular “Lite” naming system. A recent survey indicated that the specifications of the device could include a 6.55-inch AMOLED screen with 90Hz refresh rate, Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor, 5G support, 6GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, and triple rear camera.

Still a lot of information we want to know about the OnePlus Nord 5G. Is it possible that the phone will be launched as “Nord by OnePlus”? The device is expected to be launched in India and Europe this month, so we will find out soon.

First update: the phone will be called OnePlus Nord 5G

Through its Instagram page, OnePlus has confirmed that the next OnePlus device is actually OnePlus Nord 5G.

Moreover, the documentary posted on the Instagram page reveals a quick teaser for the device, showing the rear camera unit.

Moreover, in a press release, OnePlus confirmed that the device would be available in Europe and India. A specified number of North American users will also have the opportunity to try the new device through a "very limited beta program" after its launch.

The documentary ends with the phrase "Our journey continues, July 7".

The second update: OnePlus Nord launch on July 21

Our sources from within the company revealed the launch of OnePlus Nord on July 21. This is definitely inconsistent with early reports which indicated that the expected phone will be launched in 10 July.

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