Will Huawei Mate 40 Pro come with a dual display?

Bad news doesn't come individually as it has been renewed to Huawei for another year without Google Mobile services and you may face stricter restrictions but the Chinese tech giant has continued to show flexibility, a love of innovation and constant innovation. This flexibility is likely to appear in the Mate 40 series that is expected to launch later this year with a stunning design.

The Series of Mate 40 will include a Pro version which is something we are used to every year, and before its official launch, close-up photos of the phone surfaced online. These images are definitely not official and have no relationship with the company, but its source is the famous designer and close to the company TS Designer.

The leaked photos show that the Mate 40 Pro will come with a dual screen which is different from the usual Huawei smartphone lineup. The secondary screen will be located on the upper right side of the panel while on the left side there will be a five-way setup for the back camera.

It appears that the camera will have a telephoto lens with a stamp that indicates that it will support up to 100x optical zoom, the same feature found on Samsung S20 Ultra. Speaking of the second screen, it appears that it will display information such as time, battery power, and to preview images captured by the rear camera. The phone will also come with Stylus Pen.

We really don't believe that Huawei will venture with this design since phones like Meizu Pro 7 that used such a design didn't really leave a fingerprint or get people's attention. But there is Galaxy Z Flip Which comes with a dual display, where the second shows information such as time, battery status and different notifications. This phone has received great acclaim and many have praised that creative design.


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