Goodbye to the notch in iPhone 14 and great improvements in the camera

We are still at the time of writing these lines we have not been able to get the iPhone 13 in our hands, but details and leaks are already beginning to appear about the upcoming Apple phone, which is iPhone 14that is expected to be revealed next year.

According to 9to5Mac, a source close to Apple, Ming Chi-Kuo, expects that the iPhone 14 will come with a “perforated screen” i.e. a central hole in the middle of the screen whose primary task will be to house the front camera, writing an end to the traditional design we are used to seeing.

The same source also confirmed that the Pro and Pro Max models will come with a 48MP rear camera boom, which will certainly be a big leap considering that iPhone 13 Pro Max and his younger brother uses 12MP cameras.

We also have details about screen sizes as the standard model and Pro version are expected to come with a 6.1-inch screen, while the Pro Max version will continue to have a 6.7-inch screen.

These are the same screen sizes we get in the series of iPhone 13, but the surprise is that during the year a new variant of the iPhone 14 may be launched other than my usual version, which Kuo indicated and added that it may come at a price of $ 900. Is it iPhone 14 Max?

iPhone 14 Specs

Some may wonder why Apple chose to design the perforated screen with the iPhone 14. The reason is clear that the front camera that will be inside the hole instead of cutting the large notch will give users more screen space than previous generations, and the aesthetics of the phone will certainly be better than being there Too much empty space detracts from the screen experience.

These developments will certainly represent a complete departure from the text for Apple, whose phones feature the famous notch design since the reveal of iPhone X in 2017.

The improvements in the camera will certainly impress users, as it will be a 48-megapixel camera instead of the current 12-megapixel, a great development, but in return the gap will widen more between the standard version and the Pro models.

These details are certainly unofficial and it is still too early to predict any features of the upcoming phones, but on the other hand, Ming-Chi Kuo is a very reliable source regarding Apple's leaks.

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