iPhone 13 Pro will come with many developments in the rear camera, here are the details

We're really close to see iPhone 13 Pro officially after a few months, we are less than 100 days away from the usual schedule dedicated to holding Apple's event to unveil the new generation of iPhone phones. Now, with the launch approaching, more reports are coming that indicate new features that might be a part of the new generation of iPhones.

The latest report comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, who claimed that the iPhone 13 Pro will come with an overall improved ultra-wide lens that will significantly raise the performance of that camera compared to the photographic capabilities of iPhone 12, the overall update certainly looks welcome but is still not somewhat comprehensive in nature.

Also, according to Kuo, the ultra-wide camera of the Pro and Pro Max versions will finally get autofocus. This will help the camera to improve the overall focusing performance and ensure that the user gets sharper focus in moving shots as well which is definitely good news for photography enthusiasts.

Furthermore, Kuo mentions that this new camera will feature a new lens setup, which will be a 6-piece lens instead of the existing 5-piece lens. Having more optical elements ensures better lens quality, which in turn can provide better low-light performance and sharper image details.

While all of these changes are certainly welcome from users, in the end they are just minor improvements to some of the features that are already present in iPhones at the moment.

The Series of iPhone 13 is slated to come with a new processor, the A15, but even the latter is expected to be a small upgrade to the processor of the previous series.

According to reports, the A15 is expected to be developed on an improved 5nm manufacturing process, before Apple moves to 3nm in 2023. The iPhone 13 Pro display is also expected to finally feature a 120Hz refresh rate.

Kuo also mentions in his new report that new features of the ultra-wide camera will be available on standard iPhone models as well, raising the bar for those upcoming phones.


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