Doubts about the release of the 256 GB version of iPhone 13 Pro

We no longer need to wait long for the series of iPhone 13 as Apple is expected to reveal the phones expected this month. Throughout that past period, a lot of rumors and reports have spread about many aspects of the phone.

The leak we have today is talking about iPhone 13 Pro. According to new information, Apple will not release a 256 GB version for Pro models this year.

It is worth noting that Apple is famous for not releasing a phone with medium storage space in order to force users to pay an additional amount in order to buy the higher version, as we previously saw a basic version with 16 GB internal storage while the higher version comes with 64 GB, the company skipped the launch of the 32 version gigabyte.

This is exactly what happened with iPhone 7, we have a base 32 GB version, and instead of rolling out a 64 GB version, Apple chose to go for 128 GB.

This was the same with the rest of the Apple iPhones every year. Now, several sources have reported that the basic version of the iPhone 13 Pro will come with 128GB of internal storage, so the company will jump to the 512GB version directly.

The 256 GB version will not be available this year, so buyers will have to buy the higher 512 GB version despite the conviction and satisfaction of most users with the 256 GB version.

Apple will not be satisfied with that storage capacity with the Pro versions, as it is also expected to release the higher version of the Pro models with an internal storage capacity of 1 TB.

The standard model and mini version will come with 64, 128 or 256 GB internal space, along with 4 GB RAM. While my Pro phone will come with 6 GB RAM just like iPhone 12 Pro.

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