Despite the poor sales of the current phone, Apple may launch the iPhone 13 Mini this year

Apple is currently working in full swing to launch a series iPhone 13We are expected to see Apple's upcoming range of flagship phones in September or October of this year if things go smoothly and there are no delays.

although iPhone 12 Mini It didn't sell well, and it seems that Apple intends to repeat the experiment and launch the Mini version in this year's series.

Recently, John Prosser indicated in a YouTube video that Apple is planning to release the iPhone 13 Mini as part of the iPhone 2021 lineup, although it has apparently asked the supply factories to stop making more iPhone 12 Minis.

Leaks claim that Apple will launch a new version of this compact phone although it still plans to launch a new iPhone SE later this year which is iPhone SE 2021.

According to Prosser, the upcoming small phone may not be called the iPhone 13 Mini, it may be called the 12s Mini, which could signal the return of the iPhone 'S' series of phones again.

Apple usually uses the nickname “S” in its new phones in order to indicate that there are revolutionary changes in the new iPhones compared to those launched in the previous year.

Of course, this is evident among iPhone 8 Plus And theiPhone X, And how massive changes between the two phones.

It is not yet clear if the iPhone 13 series will be just an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 12 series launched last year.

It is worth noting that the iPhone 12 Mini is the most prominent member of the new iPhone series, and the new phone provided pioneering specifications in an ultra-compact design that is becoming increasingly rare in smartphones today.

iPhone 13 Mini specifications

The exact specifications of the iPhone 13 Mini are still unknown as of now. However, according to recent reports, the upcoming Mini version will have a number of key differences compared to the alleged iPhone SE which is also expected to be launched this year.

According to online reports, the iPhone SE that will be launched in the coming months may be called iPhone SE PlusWhich will apparently provide users with a large iPhone screen with some compromises to keep the price down.

On the other hand, the 13 Mini may come with all the major key specifications of the other iPhone 13 series phones, while providing users with a very compact screen size for those looking for such a small smartphone.

It appears that the iPhone 12 Mini did not meet Apple's sales targets, which makes the latest report more interesting as we are used to Apple usually stopping production of devices that incur losses.

However, if Apple commits to releasing a Mini this year as well, it could be the last of its kind, or Apple may do a reading of market stats to see if there's still demand for the compact phone.

In general, more details must be revealed gradually, as we approach the hot months in which everyone eagerly awaits the unveiling of the upcoming flagship phone group.

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