iPhone 13 launch event date revealed and other exciting details

It is expected that Apple will hold an announcement event for the series of iPhone 13 on Friday, September 17th, AirPods 3 will also be revealed on Thursday, September 30th, according to IT Home.

There is no official evidence to support this claim, however, with Apple returning to its traditional September launch schedule, the above dates could easily be true.

A reliable source suggested that the next generation of iPhones will be launched in the third week of September, specifically from September 13 to 17. Based on previous launch conferences, September 7, September 14 and September 21 are all possible dates to see the new phones we have been waiting for.

The upcoming phones will focus more on photography capabilities, specifically iPhone 13 Proincluding Pro-Res mode and Portrait mode for video shooting.

The new phones will also include a smaller notch, larger batteries, and improved performance. The third generation of Apple AirPods is expected to have a design similar to the AirPods Pro, as it will come with a new case, shorter stem and possibly replaceable ear tips.

Apple is also developing a hardware device for the Face ID sensor to work in conjunction with masks, glasses, and all the new factors that hinder the sensor from performing its normal tasks due to the Corona virus.

In-house and for testing purposes only, Apple has developed a prototype for the Face ID sensor inside iPhone 12 and it was used for many tests.

The case for the phone that was used in the test, fits very well with the device, but some sensors appeared quite clearly on the upper side of the screen, which means that the company is seriously thinking about developing an ID sensor compatible with the current conditions.

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