iPhone 13 / Mini / Pro / Pro Max mobile colors

Apple has taken a very nice approach with iPhone colors in the past few years, especially compared to other major manufacturers. While other brands stick to the "safe" side of colors like black or gray, Apple has opted for bold colors.

For example, iPhone 12 comes in several color options, including blue, green, red, white, black and recently an additional color has been revealed which is purple.

Without further ado, let's dive into all the details of the newly released iPhone 13 colors and let's start with the colors available for the two Pro models.


Sierra Blue is only available for iPhone 13 Pro andiPhone 13 Pro Max, which is a distinctive color that looks very beautiful and interesting. We should commend Apple for its decision to choose that color and not stick to just the usual regular colors like black and silver.

The color is matte and therefore will not attract fingerprints plus the Apple logo on the back is painted in a similar color, but with a slightly lighter color tone so it contrasts well with the rest of the phone. This color gives iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max has a modern touch, and it still maintains a stylish touch.


The silver color is only available for the Pro version and it is a very distinctive color that gives all these phones a premium look and seems to be a bit cooler than the starlight color available for the standard version andiPhone 13 Mini.

Silver is pretty much a standard color for Apple and will fit nicely in any case, or the phone can be carried without any case if you wish to do so. The light color will not attract any fingerprints and the look of the phone will be clean at any time.


The graphite color is a very familiar choice for Apple. It's just like that dark gray that the company sometimes calls "Space Gray," and this color is even available for iPads, not just iPhones. This color is for serious people only for sure, and feels as if it's totally calming and totally unobtrusive.


Gold is another great option for iPhones and has been around for quite some time in older phones. The gold color is only exclusive to Pro models and makes the phone look like a gem instead of just a smartphone. As with all colors of iPhone 13, so this color is also matte which makes it look very elegant.

Gold is another great option for iPhones and has been around for quite some time in older phones. The gold color is only exclusive to Pro models and makes the phone look like a gem instead of just a smartphone. As with all iPhone 13 colors, this one is also matte which makes it look very elegant.

Now, let's take a tour of the colors available for both the regular iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini:


This beautiful color looks very lively and lively. It is a matte light colour. Of course, it makes the phone look cool, very elegant and on-trend, as most other colors do. The Apple logo embossed on the back is silver-tone.


Seeing this color makes us remember the distinctive blue we first saw last year in the iPhone 12, although it looks a little darker in photos. You should keep in mind that these colors may look a little different in real life compared to what we see in photos or videos of phones.

We have a shiny back with the dark silver Apple logo. This color is ideally suited for the most conservative and calm people and will look an excellent option at work or everyday life.


This color is the closest to the black color that was launched in the phones of the last year. It is a very dark color and looks elegant and interesting, contrary to what some users might think when thinking of a black smartphone. This color is very deep and makes a beautiful panel with the redesigned rear camera module for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13, with the Apple logo not too prominent either.


This color is an alternative to white and is only available for the Standard Edition and Mini phone. It's quite the company's traditional and usual color and if you were to discuss with me in person about the perfect iPhone 13 color, I would probably answer - white! It is completely classic and vintage color and matches all usage scenarios perfectly.

What are the differences between that color and its white counterpart? Well it comes in a slightly warmer shape which makes it more elegant in all aspects of everyday life and at the same time quite simple without any meaningless frivolity. It may feel like silver, but it's much quieter and more elegant in return.

The Apple logo in this version comes in silver, and it is worth noting that the white color is completely invisible on the front of the phone.


Red, or Product Red, as Apple calls it, is a constant guest in every new phone lineup. This color is absolutely gorgeous and it is undeniable that it is beautiful, but it is very bold and completely noisy and attracts attention, which is what we saw in the phone last year and in the Red Series 6 watch as well. Therefore, the characteristics of that color will not change in this year's edition.

We only wish Product Red was a true solid red this year, as the main problem with that color was that it looked more like a peach than quite red. When checking out the iPhone 13 Product RED, it looks perfectly red as seen in the official image above, so it seems that Apple has acceded to our demands.

So these are the final colors for this year's series phones, some of the colors were ignored like purple, yellow, and we were all surprised not to release the rose gold color that the leaks have been talking about for a while.

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