Will iPhone 12 Pro Max be the best flagship phone of the year?

iPhone 11 Pro that comes with a 5.8-inch display had the same impressive features as the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max that were launched last year. Other than the size of the screens, the batteries, and the price, these two devices are basically the same.

But according to Forbes, Apple plans to differentiate between the iPhone 12 Pro, which will come in 6.1-inch, and the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, with the features that favor the latter, which will make it a true flagship phone.

It is worth noting that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is currently the best flagship phone in the world by all standards, and we would not be surprised at all if his successor completed the march and established himself as the king of leading devices that is can not be competed, there is no doubt that he will have the best display, cameras and processor ever.

Apple will prioritize the iPhone 12 Pro Max

In other words, some of the features that have been the focus of controversy for weeks, such as the presence of a Pro-Motion screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, support for 5G networks, and the addition of a LiDAR sensor to the rear camera unit, all of these groundbreaking features could end up in iPhone 12 Pro Max. The 120Hz refresh rate means that the display is refreshed 120 times per second for a seamless gaming experience, visual content viewing, and social media browsing.

The Pro models are expected to come with 6GB of RAM instead of the 4GB rumored to be inside the other two phones in the series. In terms of camera, we expect to have two rear cameras on the regular models and three in the Pro versions. Battery capacity is expected to be reduced across all series phones in order to reduce costs.

It must be admitted that the battery is really impressive, especially since the Pro Max version will need additional power in order to run the 120Hz screen. But that may be a sign that the launch of the Pro-Motion displays will be delayed for the iPhone 13 series. The drop in battery capacity is staggering given that Apple has been praised as the iPhone 11 series phones that have come with good batteries.

The company may feel that the series of iPhone 12, which is the first to be powered by a 5nm chipset, will be able to offset any drop in battery life thanks to the extra transistors included in the processor. The new integrated circuit will contain 11.8 billion transistors inside compared to the 8.5 billion found on the A13 Bionic.

According to technical blogger Max Weinbach who tested the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the phone will not make you feel comfortable holding it in the hand, as he managed to place the device in his hands and said it was uncomfortable to hold. But don't make a negative impression and remember that Apple has radically changed the design and replaced the rounded sides that were first used in iPhone 6. In other words, Apple will bring back the flat sides first seen in the iPhone 4 series. This design remains very popular and popular among long-term iPhone users.

During the coming period, more details will be revealed about the four series phones, and we expect them to be officially announced on October 13th.

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