Latest iPhone 12 news: launch date, 5G, and more

Both smartphones and 5G mobile networks got off to a rough start last year largely around the world, but with wireless carriers rapidly expanding the availability of their next-generation cellular services while phone vendors and chip makers work together to make devices In a cheaper and cheaper future, the industry is definitely heading for a major transformation at a faster pace than before.

After selling a total of only 24 million phones or so during the first three months of 2020, sales of 5G-enabled smartphones are expected to rise to 250 million for the full year. while playing comp Samsung  andHuawei And Motorola, not to mention Qualcomm and MediaTek, played such an important role in making this amazing progress, the main driver of market growth… hasn't actually entered the market yet.

5G for Apple is different from others!

Obviously, we're talking about Apple, which is widely expected to crush Samsung for 5G phones this year just months after the iPhone 12 family was revealed.

Everyone should come from this highly anticipated family, which will be joined by a new fourth phone, which is iPhone 12 Max, with standard support for 5G connectivity, but only one variant may be able to make the best use of those new networks, according to a new authoritative report.

Broadcom Semiconductor once again indicated that the launch of iPhone 12 It will be later than usual, according to a report from Reuters.

Apple had previously confirmed that the 2020 iPhones would not stick to the usual mid-September launch cycle.

Broadcom said the annual increase in chip shipments will be delayed this year, indicating that the iPhone 12 will be announced in October, as previously rumored.

That company makes chips that filter radio signals and provide Wi-Fi connections for iPhones. According to estimates, Apple accounts for only a quarter of its total revenue.

The report says that chip shipments for the iPhone 12 will continue to increase in the last quarter of the year, which is in line with rumors that have claimed that iPhone 12 Pro It won't be released before November.

iPhone 12 Pro Max He will also be launched alongside his younger brother later on. In June, the Broadcom CEO spoke of a "significant production cycle delay" at a large North American smartphone company, which he often refers to as Apple.

The secret to Qualcomm's revenue

According to a report from TrendForceBroadcom overtook Qualcomm as the number one IC chip designer in the second quarter of 2020. Qualcomm's growth also appears to have been affected by Apple's decision not to stick to its usual flagship launch timeline.

Smartphone companies are ordering phone manufacturing components 4 months in advance of a product launch, and Apple's third-quarter releases have historically contributed to Qualcomm's second-quarter revenue.

Most analysts believe the launch of the first 5G-enabled iPhones has been delayed due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions that have disrupted work on phones.

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Mohamed Hamed

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