Huawei finally sets the date for the unveiling of the P50 series

After months of waiting so long to see a series Huawei P50, the CEO of the Chinese company announced that the new flagship phones are scheduled to be officially unveiled on July 29 along with some other devices.

Via a post on Chinese social media platform Weibo, Richard Yu confirmed the phones' release date. So the countdown has begun in order to see the Huawei P50 series phones, although we do not know the exact date of its launch in the market.

The CEO of the company also confirmed that photography is the main selling point of these phones, like the rest of the previous Huawei P phones, saying:

“The way forward has no end, this time we are outperforming ourselves in photography once again. On July 29, the Huawei P50 series will be launched soon with new innovative imaging technologies that are leading in the industry, and the new era of mobile photography will begin, so stay tuned!

Since it is a series of phones and not just one device, then we expect that other phones will be revealed besides the standard version, we are talking here about Huawei P50 Pro، Huawei P50 Pro Plus They are the same names that we saw in the series last year, is it possible that the Lite version will come? Probably.

Huawei P50 Specs

It is clear that Huawei is trying to get back into the competition after the restrictions imposed by the US government affected the software and components that the company can use.

Earlier in 2021, the company officially unveiled HarmonyOS, the new operating system that competes with Android, and it has already launched but with a few phones. The P50 series phones will definitely be the first flagship devices to come powered by HarmonyOS.

We don't know much about the specifications or features of the Huawei P50 yet. However, rumors suggest that Huawei will launch those phones with a 1-inch Sony sensor in the main camera that was recently seen in the Sharp Aquos R6 and Leitz Phone 1 from Leica.

The standard version is expected to come powered by the in-house Kirin 9000 processor, however, it could also have a modified Snapdragon 888 chipset according to some reliable internal sources.

However, those Snapdragon processors are only expected to support 4G networks, as US sanctions limit the supply of 5G components to Huawei.

We will have to wait until July 29 in order to find out any new information about these upcoming phones, but since that date is very close, there is not much left. Stay tuned for the Pro specifications for the next ten days, and we will give you all the details you need to know about the upcoming phones from Huawei.


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