How to edit video with Filmora

Montage, or video editing, is the art of selecting and arranging scenes and their length in a way that delivers a meaningful message.

This is done by cutting, pasting, deleting, adding transitions and texts, as well as audio and visual effects.

With the development of photography techniques and the availability of video publishing on the Internet and the establishment of free channels available to the public, the importance of montage work for amateurs and non-professionals has increased.

Filming and publishing videos has become a contemporary culture, and the public has been able to produce works of art in an integrated and easy way as a result of the availability of digital photography and montage techniques on mobile devices and computers.

Benefits of video editing and editing:

The modifications contribute to presenting the video in an interesting and fun way, and can affect the conscience and convictions of the audience, and create dramatic and exciting effects.

Through montage, supplementary auxiliary materials can be added, comparisons can be made through sound and image, correction of shooting errors and removal of unnecessary, and highlighting important parts by rearranging or abbreviating or adding effects.

A good editor can improve the promotion of goods, services and ideas by producing an interesting and emotional video for viewers.

The person who edits the videos can also produce artworks easily through the use of video, image and audio libraries available on the Internet, whether free or paid.

New colors of animation-based montage known as motion graphics, which can be designed without the need for photography, have also appeared.

The same applies to works based on moving texts into artistic forms.

The functional roles of montage can contribute to the development of the story, provide clarification and interpretation, create a dramatic effect and psychological atmosphere, impart a sense of humor, or cry, and highlight specific meanings, and the wrong use in montage work may spoil the message and effect, and alienate the audience from watching.

In the software market, there are many professional montage and effects programs that made it possible to perform montage through the computer and without the need for large and expensive equipment, but there is only a program that has all these features in addition to many other features that we will mention later, which is FilmoraSo, let us take you on an interesting journey in order to get to know more about this wonderful program.

Open multiple projects مشاريع

Most video editing software has been criticized for not supporting opening multiple projects. The ability to browse and import assets from other files on your PC.

Filmora is the only program that allows users to browse and import files and videos and open multiple projects.

Opening another project alongside the one you're working on is easy: choose Open Project from the File menu or use the default keyboard shortcut Control/Command+O. You can also right-click on Filmora project files in the media browser and choose Open Project, and you can open as many projects as you want.

Closing the project panel does not remove it from the current project. You can see the open projects below. This can be useful if you lose track of the project canvas in your workspace.

The benefit of having multiple projects open is that you can seamlessly swipe between them. This allows users to modify media from one open project directly into another open project. Obviously, this multi-project feature will speed up cut scenes as assets are frequently reused. Fortunately you can save the most popular and used project templates and that will be very practical now.

Amazing transition effects and animations

This new VR/360 video effects are exclusive to Filmora only. This is a huge leap in terms of video editing.

Editors unfamiliar with VR/360 video need to realize that standard video effects do not work with VR video, primarily because it produces a seam where the edges of the video meet. Filmora's new video effect and transitions are designed for VR/360 video as they are literally seamless when applied to video.

The new video effects and transitions will enable the user to edit the VR/360 video on the program in a natural and distinctive way.

New colors to teach timeline tracks

Filmora It comes with 8 new colors for a total of 16 which is a small thing with big organizational benefits and there will be many users who will be happy with this feature, don't worry all your favorite level color names like Cerulean and Lavender are still there and they are set to the default 8 levels as before. The new levels' colors have no default assignments and can be used in your own level coloring system. As above, you can customize the colors of the level by clicking on the color swatch.

There are many other impressive features in this amazing video editing software that will completely change the concept of video editing and add new and unique features that only exist in Filmora, don't miss the chance and install the best Windows Movie Maker alternative.

Mohamed Hamed

Mohamed Hamed

A BA in English literature and a diploma in translation from AUC University, age 25 - I love the technical field, you will find me either reading an article or books about a new technology, I write on many technical websites.

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