Google sets the date for the unveiling of the upcoming Pixel 6 series

Tuesday, October 19, has been chosen to hold an event to reveal both the Google Pixel 6 andGoogle Pixel 6 Pro, after waiting for months.

The announcement event is scheduled to bear the name Pixel Fall, as the event is officially called, which begins at 7 pm Cairo time, 6 pm London time, 8 pm KSA and will be broadcast live on the official Google website.

Unlike previous years, Google has already revealed upcoming smartphone design and specifications, making it the first time we've officially heard everything we've been expecting about the company's next major devices.

No information has yet been revealed regarding the timing of the phones being put on sale in the market, but the leaks that predicted the date of the October 19 event indicated that the phones will reach store shelves as of October 28.

The phones will come with significant upgrades compared to the previous generation, the most notable of which will be the new Tensor chipset that Google has overseen its development and will be exclusive to its Pixel products.

Google usually uses Qualcomm Snapdragon processors as we've seen over the past years, so we're excited to see the performance of the Tensor processor in action.

Google Pixel 6 is expected to come with a 6.4-inch flat display with a 90Hz refresh rate, while the Pixel 6 Pro is expected to come with a curved screen that supports a 120Hz refresh rate but the size may be 6.67 inches or 6.71 inches.

Camera leaks indicate that the Pixel 6 Pro will come with a telephoto sensor that supports x4 optical zoom, while both phones will use a 50MP main camera and a 12MP ultra-wide lens.

In terms of internal configuration, it is expected that these upcoming phones will use up to 12 GB with an internal storage capacity of 512 GB.

The standard version will have a 4,616 mAh battery while the Pro version will be powered by a gigantic 5,000 mAh battery. We will meet you on the mentioned date in a special coverage of the new generation of Google Pixel phones.

Mohamed Hamed

A BA in English literature and a diploma in translation from AUC University, age 25 - I love the technical field, you will find me either reading an article or books about a new technology, I write on many technical websites.

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