A new leak reveals the expected design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Less than 24 hours after posting images of a possible Galaxy S22 Ultra design, the same source of leaks, OnLeaks, has returned to post pictures of a possible Galaxy S22 Plus design.

Unlike the Ultra version, which is a departure from Samsung's current design language, it is clear that the smaller Galaxy S22 Plus will be inspired by the current generation of the series of Galaxy S21.

On the Galaxy S21 series phones, the aluminum frame curves upward toward the protrusion of the camera. But on the Galaxy S22 Plus there is a clear separation between the two, although the overall look is maintained. It's not clear why Samsung made such a small adjustment, but it could be related to the costs of making the phone.

Bending an aluminum frame can be a costly procedure, or it may have lower returns during production. Moreover, it is scheduled to adopt the next phone which is Galaxy S21 FE with the same shape as the phone's camera module. This phone will arrive during the next month as a strong competitor in the upper middle class, which can be considered a flagship phone, but at a budget-friendly price.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus will look amazing in this design

Of course, this smartphone would not be considered a flagship without a great screen. If those images are true, Samsung will finally be implementing thinner bezels rather than uniform too, the chin will be as thin as the front and side edges.

In terms of design aesthetics, this step should put Samsung ahead of Apple, Google and other competitors. Most smartphone manufacturers have not been able to use uniform bezels, and it seems that both companies mentioned have opted for thicker alternatives.

Besides those expected design changes, there is a small central hole in the screen in order to house the front camera. Although the under-screen camera technology is adopted in Galaxy Z Fold 3However, the circulated images of the Galaxy S22 Plus indicate that it will not come with this technology for the time being.

Do you want to know the real reason for this? Well, that's probably down to the image quality. The under-display front camera on the Fold 3 is far from befitting a flagship phone, barely acceptable for video calls, let alone selfies - using similar technology on the Galaxy S22 Plus would be a misstep and take a toll on the brand's reputation.

Will the name of the phone be changed to S22 Pro?

It can be said that Samsung's products at the moment are less consistent than what other brands offer. For smartphones, the company uses the designations Plus andUltra, for wireless earbuds, the company uses the Plus and Pro names, and for smartwatches, it uses Classic and Sport.

But with the Galaxy S22 Plus, the brand may be looking to unify its strategy. It is worth noting that the source of those leaks claims that he received those images as belonging to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Pro instead of the expected S22 Plus name.

That's not a guarantee of anything for sure at the moment, but if that's the official name, Samsung's upcoming series of phones will consist of three phones as follows: Galaxy S22 , Galaxy S22 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra.


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