Galaxy Note 20 series will come with an improved fingerprint sensor

Tech blogger Ross Young is back with more details on the series Galaxy Note 20 Coming from Samsung. He's already covered some of the screen details including the 120Hz refresh rate, and now he says the upcoming series could be the first phones to adopt Qualcomm's new 3D Sonic Max fingerprint reader technology.

The upcoming fingerprint scanners are expected to create 17x more sensing area than before, and will cover an area of 20mm x 30mm given that the typical reader is only 4mm x 9mm. can sensor Max Next scan two fingerprints simultaneously, which increases the level of security.

Young and his team believe that Samsung will stick to the design of the central hole in the middle of the screen to house the front camera, whether in the regular version or the version Plus. He explains that the LTPO technology that will be used in the display is good because it saves 5-15% of battery power, but because it requires an additional transistor for each pixel, it is difficult to create high-resolution DPI displays. In fact, the first LTPO displays had a relatively low resolution and were used on smartwatches.

Galaxy Note 20 specifications

The Galaxy Note 20 will come with 16GB of RAM for the base version, according to the analyst, which is up from 12GB over the previous generation. The battery capacity will be between 4,000 and 5,000 mAh, slightly higher than the Note 10.

In the previous interview, Young focused on rumors Galaxy Fold 2. In this video, he touches on it again, saying that other companies will take Samsung's approach of offering an affordable foldable clamshell phone like the Z Flip as well as a premium tablet-sized flagship model like the Galaxy Fold. Huawei is expected to release two phones in the same way, but is currently stuck trying to figure out whether the larger device will come with a tempered glass design. No.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 20 and Fold 2 in early August and go on sale later that month, which is the expected launch date anyway.

We do not know yet whether the screen of the upcoming flagship phone series from Samsung will surpass the screen of the iPhone 12 series. Where it is expected to come iPhone 12 With OLED Super Retina display

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