The countdown has officially started: Everything you need to know about the iPhone 12 launch event

As usual every year, Apple is preparing to unveil its new flagship phone series, which is iPhone 12However, the release dates for the phones run in an unusual time frame from October to November. While we are eagerly waiting to see the new phones and what they will add, we must prepare from now on for Apple's event called Hi, Speed. Where the company is expected to unveil the iPhone 12 series, which will consist of four phones that will all support 5G, and its prices are said to start from $ 650 up to $1,350.

iPhone 12 launch event timing

Apple will be broadcasting the expected iPhone 12 reveal event on October 13, and you can watch it across all of the company's social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube like the Time Flies event that took place last month and we had no difficulty following it live.

The event will start at 1 pm Washington time, 7 pm Cairo time, 10:30 pm India time, 1 am China time, 8 pm Saudi time, 9 pm UAE time.

Devices that will be announced at this event

  • iPhone 12 mini, starting at $650
  • iPhone 12 starting at $700 700
  • iPhone 12 Pro Starting at $1000
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max, starting at $1,100

The world of Apple saw some interesting developments in the first half of the year, whether with the launch of the second generation of the company's budget phone iPhone SE 2, or announcing new devices in a series iPad Pro. However, it seems that all eyes of the world will be on Apple in the months of October and November, in order to reveal the new family of phones that support 5G networks.

For the iPhone 12 series, Apple will launch the new phones expected with a design mutation that appears to be a new metal frame along with a completely different back from what we have now, in addition to the launch of the smaller phone in the series with a screen size of only 5.4 inches. We also have a 5G modem, an Apple A14 processor with a 5nm manufacturing accuracy, which is a technology we are seeing for the first time, in addition to developments in the camera module represented in the new LiDAR sensor that will be exclusive to Pro models only, with all these expected features it seems that we will witness the birth of a new boom in the world Technology signed by Apple.

iPhone 12 series launch schedule

  1. The pre-order stage for iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro will open on October 16
  2. iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro will be officially launched on October 23
  3. The pre-order stage for iPhone 12 and . will openiPhone 12 Pro Max On November 6
  4. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be officially launched on November 13

Many expected to postpone the launch of the iPhone 12 series for at least two months, due to several problems that occurred months ago related to the supply of components used in the manufacture of series phones, in addition to the closure of some factories in China and India due to the repercussions of the Corona virus, but all this has become almost from the past and it seems that Apple is ready To advertise its most notable products ever.

Follow us a week from now for exclusive and comprehensive coverage of the Hi, Speed event and a discussion of all the details of the iPhone 12 series in terms of price, specifications, features, etc.

Mohamed Hamed

Mohamed Hamed

A BA in English literature and a diploma in translation from AUC University, age 25 - I love the technical field, you will find me either reading an article or books about a new technology, I write on many technical websites.

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