Apple is working on an under-display fingerprint sensor for the iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 is scheduled to launch in September 2021. We are still months away from the announcement. Before launch, we managed to get the specifications and price of Apple's upcoming flagship phone.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Apple is considering making minor changes to the upcoming iPhone. The new iPhone series that will be launched in September 2021 will come with some minor improvements compared to the series of iPhone 12.

One of the most important new developments that we could see is the fingerprint sensor under the screen. The US giant is also considering launching a foldable iPhone.

However, the report states that it is possible that the high-end device will be launched after years or it may not be revealed in the end.

The report added that Apple is currently focusing on launching the next-generation iPhone and iPad models later this year. Let's take a look at the leaked details of the iPhone 13 and foldable iPhone.

If we go back to the last year at the same time, we will remember that many reports spread at that time that Apple would introduce the iPhone 12 series with comprehensive developments and changes, and that certainly happened as we saw some new features such as 5G support, a new design, improved cameras.

No drastic changes for iPhone 13

The upcoming iPhone 13 series will come with minor upgrades. The report notes that Apple's engineers are calling the next iPhone as another version called "S" - the designation usually given to new iPhones that will come with minor upgrades.

Apple is said to be testing an under-screen fingerprint sensor in order to include it in the upcoming iPhone. The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner under the screen will help people unlock their iPhone faster in the era of medical masks that almost all of us wear.

It almost all began with the iPhone X, with the popular Touch ID being replaced by Face ID, despite new developments that Face ID gets every year.

However, with the persistence of the Corona-virus, it has become difficult for all users to unlock their iPhone with a mask on their face. In-screen fingerprint scanner will help unlock the device without removing the face mask.


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