Is Apple iPhone 13 launch being delayed?

The continuing shortage of processor supplies may lead to a decrease in smartphone shipments and also delay the production process for the launch of the main smartphones in 2021, according to Foxconn, not any smartphones, but rather the most anticipated phones in the current year which is Apple iPhone 13.

Basically, this effect could delay several smartphones that Foxconn makes for major smartphone manufacturers including Apple. As a result, one of the main smartphones of 2021 that could be affected is iPhone 13 Pro besides the rest of the series phones.

Moreover, a lack of chipsets could also mean that global smartphone shipments could decline, and a Foxconn manager mentions that this drop could reach nearly 10 percent compared to last year.

The responsible source also added that the company was still not sure how long this crisis might last, before adding that the impact could continue until the second quarter of 2022.

Will Apple iPhone 13 arrive on schedule?

The Apple iPhone 13 is one of the biggest launches awaited for 2021, and if the usual schedule prevails, it is likely that Apple will hold a 2021 iPhone launch event sometime in early September.

In 2020, the closure of global smartphone manufacturing and assembly centers has led to reports that the iPhone 12 series may also be delayed due to the effects of the ongoing corona-virus pandemic.

However, Apple successfully launched iPhones for 2020 on the usual schedule last year. This time, though, it remains to be seen whether or not the lack of chipsets could lead to a delay in Apple's schedule.

We have nearly 6 months ahead of us to see if we will see the next generation of iPhone devices on the specified date or there will be any delays, but we expect that Apple will fulfill its commitment with passionate users, as we have always accustomed to it that it succeeds in dealing with the crises it is going through.


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