All iPhone 14 series phones will come with 120Hz screens and 6GB RAM

In September last year, Apple officially revealed the iPhone 13 series, which consists of four phones, we have iPhone 13 Pro andiPhone 13 Pro Max that have the best specifications, most notably the 120Hz display.

iPhone 13 Mini andiPhone 13 both come with a screen with a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz only, which is a big difference between all the phones of the lineup for sure, but all that is about to change in the Apple series of phones 2022.

According to MacRumors, all iPhone 14 series phones are expected to come with 120Hz ProMotion screens, which was confirmed by tech blogger Jeff Pu.

It is worth noting that the term ProMotion basically refers to the adaptive refresh rate technology, which allows the screen refresh rate to go from 10 to 120 Hz, depending on the content that is displayed on the screen.

Therefore, you may find that the refresh rate when browsing the Internet, for example, will be only 10 Hz, and in return it will rise to 120 Hz when playing a game. This feature allows to conserve battery power significantly by reducing the screen refresh rate when it is not needed.

The same source previously confirmed that the two Pro models in the upcoming series will come with 8GB RAM, but according to supply chain sources, it seems that all four phones will support 6GB RAM only in order to reduce cost.

Although this is not important for the Pro and Pro Max versions, increasing the RAM capacity to 6 GB will be a huge advantage in favor of the standard version in addition to the new member expected to come, which is iPhone 14 Max.

A previous report said that Apple will finally drop the annoying notch in the Pro version and replace it with a small hole on a pill in order to house the front camera.

But it was followed by another report indicating that there will be another additional hole in order to take over the task of housing the components of the Face ID sensor.

Other than emphasizing the specifications of the display, iPhone 14 is expected to come with a 48-megapixel primary rear camera which will be the largest on any iPhone ever.

Mohamed Hamed

Mohamed Hamed

A BA in English literature and a diploma in translation from AUC University, age 25 - I love the technical field, you will find me either reading an article or books about a new technology, I write on many technical websites.

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